About Us

Funny story actually…

The Sunset Cinema brainchild was born in 2011 when a group of keen beans set up an outdoor cinema at the Elvis Festival in Parkes

It wasn’t great. Like, really not great…. Picture tumbleweed rolling through the site (where the people were supposed to be).

Actual evidence of our first attempt an outdoor cinema (BBQ & Esky Bar) ?

Despite this cringeworthy event, and filled with blind optimism… they packed a Ford Laser and rolled out a short film tour called Flix in the Stix.

Vroom vroom…Fast forward to present day and this brainchild is all grown up.

The kinks have been ironed out, the trusty Laser was retired and Sunset Cinema has become ‘kind of a big deal’.

Don’t worry – the original crew are still very much involved but you’re *less* likely to see them sleep deprived and yelling at each other. They get to share the workload amongst a much bigger team these days…

Each year thousands of Sunsetters are hosted in the same, friendly way that patrons were treated in the early days…and we’ve upgraded from the esky bar and BBQ .

Meet the OG’s

Simon – Founder & Event Director

Often seen packing trucks & laughing loudly at his own jokes… Simon is the Captain of the Ship, Fountain of Ideas and Grand Poobah who’s grown Sunset Cinema into the fun, friendly entity it is today.

Jemima – Marketing Nerd

One of the original event crew, Jemima now spends her time running ad campaigns instead of electrical cables. She appreciates beauty sleep and less frequent ‘dummy spits’ in her new role.

Eloise – Project Manager

Eloise tap dances that fine line between obscenely organised and vivaciously friendly. She’s the one that gets all the Sunset ducks in a row and keeps the event managers on their toes.

Brad – Programmer Extraordinaire

Brad lives and breathes everything cinema or movie related. He looks after the ticketing & programming and is definitely the person you want on your team at a Movie Trivia event.

Kindred Surprize – Hostess with the Mostest

Quick witted and dressed to the nines… Kindred Surprize burrowed her way into the Sunset fold by being the world’s funniest Box Office Manager. Kindred now manages Sunset Queens around the country… and you’ll see her strutting the red carpet at Melbourne this year 💃

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