Weather Policy

‘Even a sprinkle of rain didn’t dampen our spirits. It’s all part of the adventure!’

That’s right folks, the show goes on in most weather conditions, including light, intermittent or potential rain. We only cancel screenings in seriously foul weather.

We encourage you to check the forecast HERE and like all good adventurers, pack accordingly. If it looks like rain, then wear something waterproof and if it looks a little chilly, then bring something to snuggle under.

If packing and prepping isnt your thing, we’ve got rain ponchos available on site.

If we do need to cancel, here’s what happens…

Our event manager will be able to make a fully informed decision after 4PM on the screening night. If cancelled you will be able to exchange your ticket to another session during the current season.

We try and get you this info early but it often won’t be before this time. If you contact us, we will not be able to give you any more information and a clear answer before 4PM. It is best to wait for us to contact you if we are cancelling.

When a screening is cancelled the notification will come via SMS, Email & we will post on our Facebook page. The email will have instructions of how to exchange your tickets to another session.

If you don’t hear anything from us, then you can safely assume we are going ahead.

As this is an outdoor event, possible rain is apart of the experience you have purchased. We are unable and do not offer any refunds for wet weather cancellations.

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