The Notebook

Sunday 14 February 2021

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Gates Open From: 6:30pm
Film Starts From: 8:30pm
Film Duration: 123
Rating: PG

Gates open at 6:30pm. Film starts from Sunset. Get in early and soak up the sunset!

About the Film

An epic love story centered around an older man who reads aloud to a woman with Alzheimer's. From a faded notebook, the old man's words bring to life the story about a couple who is separated by World War II, and is then passionately reunited, seven years later, after they have taken different paths.

Director Nick Cassavetes

Cast Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Gena Rowlands

Duration 123

Rating PG

The Notebook @ Wollongong on 2021-02-14

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The Notebook

Sunday 14 February 2021