Weather Policy

‘Even a sprinkle of rain didn’t dampen our spirits. It’s all part of the adventure!’

Sunset Cinema is an Aussie summer outdoor event. Part and parcel of that is being open to all the elements mother nature may throw at us; including unpredictable weather changes at any moment. We screen in most weather conditions. We only cancel screenings in seriously foul weather where danger presents itself to our patrons and staff, such as thunder, high winds, extreme heat or even occasionally during a fire ban.

We encourage you to check the forecast HERE and like all good adventurers, pack accordingly (and remember forecasts can change). If it looks like rain, then wear something waterproof and if it looks a little chilly, then bring something to snuggle under.

Coming to an outdoor event always has its weather risks. You accept, by purchasing tickets, that you acknowledge the unpredictability of the weather and no refunds will be given if you do not find the weather satisfactory.

If we do need to cancel you screening, here’s what happens…

Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to weather. The event managers onsite are constantly checking the weather radar and the conditions at the location, which may differ from those at your home.

Although we’ll try and cancel a screening as early as possible, sometimes a clear decision cannot be reached until closer to our gates opening and it is unlikely you will hear from us much earlier than this. In rare occasions we may cancel after the gates have opened, or after the film has commenced.

If you contact us, we will not be able to give you any more information if we have not announced the cancellation. It is best to wait for us to contact you. If you do not hear from us, the screening is going ahead.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation, the notification will come via SMS and email. You will be entitled to exchange your tickets to another screening night during the current season (see below for Drive-in Cancellation policy). Refunds will not be given for weather cancellations, unless it is the final week of the season.

If you are unable to exchange to another screening, you may contact us and we can provide a voucher to the following season, however this voucher is subject to T&Cs.

Drive-in Cancellations

Due to the limited season and likelihood of sold out screenings, refunds will be provided if a wet weather cancellation occurs. Further information on this process will be provided in a cancellation email.